Mato Notepad 3.0

Select your Compiler to download!

Then start programming!

To install Compilers follow these steps:

Step 1.

Download the Compiler: Begin by acquiring the Mato compiler from the official source. This step typically involves visiting the designated website or repository and downloading the compiler package suitable for your system.

Step 2.

Navigate to Your Mato Installation Directory: Once the download is complete, locate the directory where you have installed Mato on your system. This might involve accessing your file explorer or terminal and navigating to the designated folder where Mato resides.

Step 3.

Extract the Compiler in "Compiler/Programming_Language" Directory: Within the Mato installation directory, locate the "Compiler" folder. Inside this folder, there should be a subdirectory named after the programming language the compiler supports. Place the downloaded compiler package in this specific directory. Ensure that the contents of the compiler package are extracted here, maintaining the directory structure if necessary.